Review: Deadpool (2016)

If you have read the comic books you might very much go in with an expectation. If, like me, you have never heard of the Marvel character Deadpool until a few months ago, you don’t. You only know, it’s a Marvel film…that should mean that something good is about to happen.

And ohhhh yes, it was good!

Deadpool is a anti-hero…and he knows it. He even knows he is in a comic book, or here, in a film. A fun idea if you think about it, but even more fun when you are actually in the movie and Reynolds (yep, green didn’t work for him, so is trying read this time) breaks the fourth wall. Not once, not twice, many times and in such a humorous way, you just have to smile…or laugh (if you don’t…well, I feel sorry for you.).

© 2016 Twentieth Century Fox
© 2016 Twentieth Century Fox

The film tells the story of bad guy-gone-mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), who tries to make a living of saving others…but not being called a hero. That’s also how he meets the love of his life: Vanessa. They fall for each other because of their flaws…not there perfections (eventhough it’s always hard to forget the hotness factor with Hollywood actors…I mean come on!) When he becomes sick and wants to leave his love, to not have her put up with his sickness, but remember his beauty, the chance of a lifetime falls right into his lap…or bar, if you are precice. That the offer made can’t be good (or legal) might be easy to detect for an audience member, but it’s just too good not to try (thinks Wade). So he does it…and gains not only super disgusting dimpled skin (sorry!) but also a new arch enemy: Ajax (or Francis…you’ll understand why that’s funny when you watch the film)

They usually say when Stan Lee Is in the movie, it’s a good one…well you have to wait and see for yourself if he actually made an appearance…but if I was Stan Lee I would have. “Deadpool” is another one of the great Marvel films. And when you are scared that Ryan Reynolds is going to ruin another comic book character…well give him a chance, this time he doesn’t disappoint. The film was amazing, awesome and crazy funny…and that from the first minute. The opening credits are just the best and definitely put you in the right spirit for the rest of the film. Fun, fun, fun!

Going from the past to the present time and back is a well used device to tell the story of this character and how he came to be. The puns are awesome and them teasing themselves adds just another layer of fun. (The X-Men Studio joke…I am smiling just thinking about it.) Hilarious!

© 2016 Twentieth Century Fox
© 2016 Twentieth Century Fox

There was actually nothing I can complain about. (And no, I don’t wanna start a discussion about guns and violence in movies.) Okay…maybe the fact that superhero anthems are now standard 80s songs? Hmm? I guess it just reminded me of “Guardians of the Galaxy”…but It has something fun about it..(how many times can someone say fun in one article!?)

With a happy heart I can definitely recommend this movie. I actually am asking you to go see and enjoy it. It’s so good!!


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