Review: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Like I mentioned in Lion „Based on True Story“ films are always a little more interesting, a little more unbelievable, a little more jaw-dropping. This world has gone through too many wars, is still going through a battle between love and hate, that seems to be won by the bad side. Many of the heroic tales of men who have fought on the battlefield, who have saved their comrades, friends and many more people, who they don’t even know, they have impacted, will never be told. But every so often stories, so unimaginable come to the surface and find their way between book covers and/or on the big screen.

„Hacksaw Ridge“ tells the true story of Desmond Doss a pacifistic combat medic who during World War II, despite never touching a gun because of his believes, saved 75 soldiers in combat and therefore became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor.

Directed by Mel Gibson, the film lives by the standard Hollywood effects of drama and heroism. The amazing score by Rupert Gregson-Williams (brother of composer Harry Gregson-Williams) empowers the film fitting for it’s caliber and definitely adds to the film. Andrew Garfield portrays the character of Desmond Doss in a brilliant way and definitely surprised me (now I also get why he is nominated for a Best Actor Award at the Golden Globes! Sorry, Andrew. Underestimated you there.) while the supporting cast including Sam Worthington and Vince Vaughn (That guy can actually be serious!) was amazing. The cinematography is beautiful and especially the combat scenes are of visual perfection, beautifully shot and edited. All in all it is a deserving Best Picture film that definitely pushes against its contenders.

I enjoyed the film and as scared and „in battle“ as I felt during watching it I have to be honest and admit, that I couldn’t fully enjoy the film. Looking at the „Best Picture in Drama“ Nominations at the Golden Globe Awards I feel a little sick. It’s not that these films (so far I have seen all but „Hell or High Water“) are not deserving of the nomination, not at all. All films tell amazing stories, are beautifully acted and executed. Still, when I look at these stories I see one thing: Men…Only Men! Now, don’t get me wrong, I like men. They are beautiful, sexy creatures. Handsome, (hopefully) smell good, are kind and caring, sometimes a little crazy but all in all there for each other and us women. It might be a coincident and just a bad year to take these great movies and hate on them, but I wouldn’t be completely honest if I would stay silent and just accept. Especially because I know that there were great films with stories about women. (Like, where is the BEST PICTURE Nomination for „Hidden Figures“!?)

Of course, I mean how could we nominate films with amazing female characters if these films don’t get funding, aren’t made and get pushed to the side by big studios? How are we supposed to support these movies, if we aren’t all invested in the movie industry and just go to the movies because we like to be entertained? It is hard, as a consumer, to change what is handed to us…but we have to at least try. If we only eat food with real ingredients, buy more local food and pick snacks with less added sugar, the industry at some point has to react. The same happens with movies. We need to ask for these stories of strong women, see films made by women, are about women. It’s not about suppressing men…please, don’t think that I believe myself or my sex to be better than anyone else. But we need to change something in this industry. I want to see female characters, I want to see strong women who fight for their rights, their life, their family, their friends. Yes, women might not have been at the front in WWII, but they had to aid those who were. How hard must it have been to deal with these horrors everyday while not knowing where your brother, father or loved one was? If he was save?

I know it is shitty for me to hate on the 2016 movies in a true hero story movie review…but to be honest: I have to! Where else should I? Why do I have to apologize actually!? I mean who apologizes to me? If I look at the films I have seen the last couple of days (and yes, seeing these films was my choice and the films were good, so it’s complaining on a high level) and ask myself: where am I? I am not the pretty blonde who needs saving from the bad guy. That’s just not me…as much as I try and pretend. I am not this woman. And I really, really need to see myself in these films more. I want to go to the movies and see war hero films as much as films about strong women, films about a young Afro-American boy who has to deal with growing up and women of color who had a major impact on sending John Glen to circle the earth. Why can’t we just do that? Why can’t we show films for and about everyone!?

„Hacksaw Ridge“ is a wonderful film and you should go see it. I definitely will download the score, because it was most wonderful. I will also remember this film and because of it try and seek out more films where women are not the pretty sidekick (Teresa Palmer, you were wonderful and you are gorgeous!)

If you have any movie suggestions for me with strong female characters or that are made by wonderful women, please leave a comment down below. I am looking forward to watching them all :)

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  1. What’s your favorite film featuring a female lead or has a female director? I’d love to get suggestions.