Review: Money Monster (2016)

The irony of this film will be that we watch it, realize the problem and then continue on as if nothing had happened.

Finance and women, right? No, of course we do live in 2016 after all. Everything is possible. Still when you look to Wall Street you see more male suit wearers than female…by far. So it is quite interesting that a woman like Jodie Foster has taken on such a, often seen as, dull topic, like money. And it’s sad because the film is great, the story amazing and it will not get the hype it should.

„Money Monster“ tells the on-Air kidnapping of TV-host Lee Gates (George Clooney), his crew and producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) by investor (Jack O’Connell). Directed by Jodie Foster, the film shows in real time how Gates and Fenn try to survive and at the same time uncover the dirty games behind a suddenly, very suspicious, dropping investment stock.


You’re eyes are glued to the screen with this gripping thriller. It starts off awkward (Yep, you’ll see Clooney dance.) and ends in a real tragedy. Played by the, through the Ocean films famed couple, Clooney and Roberts, this high ranked film definitely was kept under radar. Well, obviously you don’t want to reveal the big business behind Wall Street…dirty business that is.

© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH
© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

Director Jodie Foster really shows her eye for casting. Yes, Clooney is great. I don’t think he will ever be completely awful…but this time he is just no match for Julia Roberts. The „Pretty Woman“-actress portrays this wonderful real woman Patty Fenn. Strong, independent, just someone you want to admire. Someone we are so often missing in films. And definitely Bechtel Test approved. Or at least it should be.

But while you admire the casting of such a great female character (seen much too rarely in Hollywood, even though it’s 2016…full on), the choice of a female director, great acting and stuff…it is the story that is the most captivating. So truthfully told, that it seems like it could happen every day. Most likely it already happened…several times.

© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH
© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

And that’s most likely even the bigger problem, than just being overlooked because that somehow happens to films directed by women. It is a film that tells the truth, shows the flaws of the capitalized system, and doesn’t turn away before it gets really messy. Of course nobody on Wall Street wants to see the truth about dirty money, revealed, about what really happens behind those glass buildings.

The message is so simple and it puts a mirror, right in front of us. We look at it, we recognize ourselves in it, we see the mistakes, the falseness, the lies…yet, we turn away. Accept what is done beyond our sight. What is logical when we think about it, but since it doesn’t bother us too much…and most likely we would do the same, we turn our backs and pretend nothing ever happened.

„Money Monster“ says what needs to be said and is turned down for it. It’s not „Finding Dory“, it’s not the next Marvel film. And that’s good, because it’s not meant as an escape, as pure entertainment. It wants to rattle you awake, make you aware…and show you, that even though you cared, it was still not enough in the end.

Please go see „Money Monster“. It is worth your time and attention. It’s important.

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© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH
© 2016 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

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