Review: Nice Guys (2016)

When you are able to predict from the trailer what this film is going to be like…you’re awesome. I on the other hand can’t figure out if this was the best or the worst film ever.

I saw the trailer of „Nice Guys“ at the movies for the first and only time. Honestly, I immediately needed to see this film. It looked funny, humorous, entertaining and it has Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in it. Perfect mix, don’t you think?

Right there and then, I knew I wanted to see this film. What I didn’t know…the trailer is most likely as far away from what the actual film is about, as it could get. It’s not as horrible as „Bastille Day“ (I am still trying to figure out what this film could be about…without reading on wikipedia or such.) but it’s pretty darn….not what the film is.

„Nice Guys“ tells the story of private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and enforcer Jackson Healy (Russel Crowe) who cross paths due to a missing woman. While solving the mystery they encounter some pretty crazy shit all over 1977 Los Angeles.

„The action-comedy of the summer“ the film was named in the press release following the premiere in Cannes. Not really a surprise title, after watching the trailer. It looks like a lot of action, fun, crazy costumes and awesome humor between Gosling and Crowe. And…it is…definitely, but it is also so much more….or less?

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Walking out after nearly 2 hours of…whatever this was, my friend and I had the same thought: Was it good? Or was it bad? We did laugh, there were some great jokes in it. But we also starred a lot in possible disbelieve. What was going on, on that screen?

„Nice Guys“ is definitely not watchable because of the story which is more or less meaningless, just the puns Healy and March throw at each other are entertaining and most likely what makes this film entertaining. But it is such a specific type of humor…and then there is the girl…and I don’t even know what to say.

I did enjoy it. I did. Really. But I can’t say what I enjoyed. Maybe the 70s. Maybe the thought of people like that in the 70s. It’s a huge part of the film…no one would believe a single sentence they say if the story would be set in the present time. Just…no.

© 2016 Concorde Filmverleih GmbH
© 2016 Concorde Filmverleih GmbH

What the film is actually about, I can’t really say. I mean, I know what it is about…but not what it actually is about. I am making no sense.

Go see it. Make up your own mind. It is funny. You will laugh, if you are humorous. Oh…and if don’t catch this one. I tell you, the end looks suspiciously like a „Nice Guys II“ is coming our way. Maybe not. We’ll see.

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