Review: „Steve Jobs“ (2015)

Aaaaand I am breaking the promise of featuring women already…? Nope, of course I am going to talk about current films and what better one than Steve Jobs, the „new one“ by Danny Boyle with Michael Fassbender as Steve.

I didn’t know what to expect. I went in because what I caught – I didn’t read reviews – sounded interesting…and I love Fassbender, like LOVE! But, and I admit that with a heavy heart, I was sceptical because the one with Ashton Kutcher (I haven’t seen it) flopped.

Skepticism unnecessary: I loved it!

„Steve Jobs“ is a portray of the Apple Mastermind. Through a, how I feel, very theatrical approach and with only three big life events we get to meet a different man, than, at least how I would have, expected.

The script is text heavy (hello, Aaron Sorkin), the scenes therefor long which feels a lot like a play. But it didn’t bother me. I have to admit I was quite surprised how the film was built up. It was different, but good. The humor was right and even though I most likely will never know how accurate the portrayal of Jobs was, Fassbender’s character was full-facettet and believeable in his strangeness and genius.

It must have been because of a trailer that I knew Kate Winslet was in it. What I didn’t know was that her part was pretty big. She played Joanna Hoffman with Eastern European Background, which only came through in a not so suttle try of an accent. Still, she was an interesting sidekick and I could totally see her get nominated for an award next season since she went through some obtical changes (and that seems to be rather interesting for the voting crowds).

Also worth mentioning: Seth Rogen. Is he pulling a Jonah Hill? If so, good for him. I was never a huge fan of those crazy „funny“ comedies and every time I saw him I thought about that. Not today. Playing Steve Wozniak, Rogen managed to disengage himself from his past and even though he does not drastically change his look, he managed to pull me in and believe him.

No, but seriously I was pleasantly surprised, sometimes even shocked how good Michael Fassbender played Jobs. In the last part of the film he actually looked so much like him that I got goose bumps, because especially from behind he just resembled the genius to the tip of his hair.

It’s a film with an interesting concept and idea and even though I didn’t know too much about Apple and how it all begann I wasn’t bothered by the tech-talk and the things they presented as if I should know them. (I had heard all the names before but who they were to Steve Jobs was a little confusing at the beginning,)

I could see this film being a contender for the upcoming Award seasons. If so, I wouldn’t argue. I think it is an innovative film, made in a different but interesting way and definitely worth your time. As always, watch it yourself and make your own opinion. I’d love to know what you thought about it.

Thanks for Reading.

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