Review: The Danish Girl (2015)

I had booked a flight to London at the beginning of the year and was lucky enough to catch The Danish Girl at the cinema a couple days before it was released in Austria. I felt excited, because I had really anticipated this film coming out. It also was extra special because I was in Copenhagen during the time of shooting (late March last year) and had seen them shoot some scenes.

So, when I bought my ticket for the midday screening of the film I expected a lot. Maybe too much?

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The film shows the life of Einar Wegener, a danish painter, famous and celebrated for his landscape pictures. Married to  Gerda, a portrait painter, he has a very happy life. Until this one day, when Gerda asks him to model for him to finish a painting of a ballerina. Suddenly something happens and Einar starts loosing himself.

It is a wonderful story and so current with Laverne Cox finally starring in TV and television, and the infamous sex change of Bruce to Caitlin Jenner. Transgender was one of the big things in 2015, so making this film couldn’t have happened at a better time and with a better team. Tom Hooper, Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander…do I need to say more?

The film is wonderfully shot, has so much to offer and is a beautiful piece of cinema history…and still there is something missing. Maybe it was celebrated to highly? Were the expectations raised to a level unfulfillable? It wasn’t the chemistry between the actors that didn’t work and neither did Eddie Redmayne portray Einar or later Lily in a strange or bad way…but still it could have been more.

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I might go again and try to figure out what I just couldn’t see or why I did not leave the theatre excited and thankful. It was emotional…I even shed some tears. Especially at the end…and anytime the wonderful composed music by Alexandre Desplat was touching me.

I am curious what you thought of the film if you already saw it. Leave me a comment down below.


Thanks for Reading and maybe until my follow up post or until my next review.

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