Review: „The Good Dinosaur“ (2015)

What if the infamous meteorit that killed the dinosaurs would have missed? How would the world be today? Well, this is the question Disney and Pixar try to answer in „The Good Dinosaur“…in a rather funny way.

(c) Disney
(c) Disney

We meet Arlo (the dinosaur) who lives with his family on a corn farm. (Yes, we have dino-farmers here.) As the youngest of three kids he was gifted with not much but clumsiness, so when his parents talk about leaving a mark in the world he is definitely not the first to do so. After tragic events Arlo is set to find his calling and fight his fears.

The film starts slow, leaving you with the feeling that there is something missing…eventhough you cannot point out what that is. The detailed animation is, as always, impecably gorgeous (I mean that wet dino skin is just…I wanna touch it.). The story picks up pace and eventhough it is predictable it still touched your soul. (I cried three times. I was a little of a mess at the end.)

It is a cute little film, with a story about family and leaving your mark in the world. Why is it not as big as others? I don’t know. But it’s definitely worth watching. So, go see it.


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(c) Disney
(c) Disney

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