Review: The Hateful Eight (2016)

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds – if you know a little about film, you know the man behind those films. Quentin Tarantino is a unique. Both fantastic and most likely slightly mad. You either love his films or you hate them. I am one of the first group. So, when I heard something about a new film, I knew I wanted to see it. (Lucky he even made it, after some idiot leaked the script online and nearly ruined everything.) And I wanted to see it right! Tarantino is one of the, or maybe he even is the, last to shoot on actual film. Which means, if you like him, you should respect him as much and try and see the film on film…70mm to be exact. Well, luckily (and I never thought I would say that) I am living in Vienna because it’s one of the few places which shows „The Hateful Eight“ Roadshow!!!

It’s not the best Tarantino film. But it was the best movie experience ever! I didn’t read up on what I was going to see, I just knew it would be his new film on 70mm film, like actual spotty, atmospheric film. What I didn’t know, and my savy friend told me right before the screening started, we were in for a treat. Yep, not only did the Roadshow show the film in all it’s glory, no, we also got to listen to an Ouverture, had an Intermission and got the extended version. You should have seen my annoyingly happy face. I was gloating. (Especially when they handed us programs…I was in film heaven!)

Tarantino„The Hateful Eight“ is a play-like get together of 8 cowboys (and girls) who, during a massive blizzard, are looking for shelter at Minnie’s Haberdashery, a stagecoach lodge in the middle of nowhere. (Or are they?) That nothing good can come out of it, seems pretty obvious.

In his 8th film, Tarantino manages to keep suspense and humour tight closely together and, as one like Tarantino does, plays a lot. The film has many long takes, super close ups and just such a great vibe about it. It’s not necessarily a Tarantino vibe as we are used to, but there is something. I mean there has to be. Take 8 strangers who couldn’t be more different than the next into a confined space and tell me there is no story opportunity.

As per usual he parted the film in chapters and uses music as such a strong device. (Have you seen his Golden Globes speech for Ennio Morricone? Watch it here.) It was an amazing score, completely original, which is unusual for Tarantino. The funny thing was, that through the whole evening I did not hear a Morricone typical set of notes…it sometimes rather had something Hitchcocky (^^) aka Bernard Hermanny. So at 87 (I am quoting the director personally here) he wrote a completely different score!? WOW!
It’s not his best film, but go see it. And if you have the chance and see it on film…do it! It’s so rare these days that we can actually watch the original form of this medium. It has something so special about it and gives a story so much more than digital could ever do. Just the effort it took to film like that, to edit like that, to really work with the material. I can appreciate such hard work. You should too.

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