Review: The Revenant (2015)

When does Leo get his Oscar!? Everyone is talking about a curse, their are gifs and vines and memes out there making fun of it…and also pity him. A bit, at least.

Any film Leo is in, now gets Oscar buzz and not because of nothing. DiCaprio is a dedicated actor, putting his all into the role. So, knowing Innaritu was making a new film, he must have been all over it.

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The Revenant is a story about survival, betrayal and men…many men. Only men. (I am just not counting two female characters who together have…one sentence?) The based on a true story film is about Glass an adventurure who, in the time of the new world discovery America, helps some to find their way. When he is attacked by a bear and badly wounded they try to save him, but then leave him behind to get help. Shit happens…shit goes down. (Excuse my french.)

Based on a true story or not…I couldn’t build up enough testosterone to find some parts too cool to doubt their truth. It’s just too unbelievable at some times. And a grunting, foaming Leo DiCaprio just doesn’t cut it for me.

I was actually surprised since Inarritu was on my „must watch“ list. He directed himself into my heart with films like Babel or 21 Grams…loved it. Even Birdman, as strange as it was, caught me…and I felt like I got it. But The Revenant just didn’t resonate with me. It’s not a bad film or one I hate now…but it’s just different. Sometimes I even felt like Terrance Malick (love him!) took over…many scenic shots, philosophical at times.

© 2015 Twentieth Century Fox

Maybe, if they would have cut the film a little shorter…and put in 20 scenic „sun-through-trees“ shots and not felt 100…I would have liked it more. 156 minutes! It’s just too long! It deserves award nominations…but that’s it. I guess I will be routing for The Danish Girl…eventhough I haven’t seen it yet. But it just looks more up my street than…this one.

As always, go see for yourself. I am just one person with one opinion. If you enjoy great cinematography, go see it. It’s worth it. The camera is the best part about this film.


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