Spectre Challenge: „A View to a Kill“ (1985)

I find it always fascinating when you find out something was a Bond Song. Duran Duran!? Really. Ha ha ^^ I mean I didn’t know the english title of the 14th Bond film, but hey…I knew the song. And you should have seen my surprised face.

The 14th 007 instalment „A View to a Kill“ brings with it some interesting actors. I knew that Grace Jones did a Bond film once and was always curious to see it, but never came around to it. And please Christopher Walken, without his signature talk, all blonde and creepy. I like.

This time Bond is investigating Max Zorin, a self employed ex-KGB agent who plots against Silicon Valley to become a monopoly in microchip development.

You can see now how the Bond films are evolving. Even though we still have to listen to those 80s tunes during the film *rollseyes* the storyline, the characters, everything seems to be a little bit more developed. Or maybe it’s only that we are coming closer to an age I understand. (I just had to grin when Bond described the use of micro chips and the most modern things were „advanced computer“….if they would know^^) „A View to a Kill“ has some interesting characters in it with Mayday, played by Grace Jones. She is a wild beast and a fascinating one. I love Christopher Walken als Max Zorin. He gives this character so much and you really dislike him. Of course we have the obligatory „Damsel in distress“ Bond Girl (I say it, I would have never believed a woman like her to become a geologist…sorry to all the female geologists out there.)

What surprised me is that there was no Spectre affiliation…and it’s the second Bond in a row :( I was always hoping, since there is a cat who disappears into another room, Blofeld would turn up at some point…but I guess I am just a little fixated on that right now.

I liked this Bond. I had not heard of it before (mostly because the German title is so different) and really enjoyed the well thought out plot. (Okay, maybe Roger Moore gets a little old – not in the boring but really in the age way – but hey, he still sells it.) I am curious what comes next.

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