Spectre Challenge: „Casino Royale“ (2006)

20 Bond films were out. It was announced that Pierce Brosnan wouldn’t come back…who would be the next Bond? Bond number 6.

When it got public that it would be Daniel Craig, hell broke loose. How could he be Bond? Bond was dark haired…and just overall. No. I admit it, and please know I hate admitting mistakes, I was one of the loudest ones to say no to Craig. I was a Brosnan is Bond Girl. We better have no Bond then him.

Well, I was only loud within my little circle of family and friends…thank god. They went along and shot the 21st Eon Production anyways. „Casino Royale“. And it should be epic.

Watching all Bonds chronologically brought me, kind of back to my roots. I once again became the Brosnan is Bond Girl…loving all four of his films as 007. But this time I knew what to expect.

Bond is chasing after LeChiffre, an accountant with some tricks up his sleeve. After loosing a fortune, caused by Bond, LeChiffre (wonderfully portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen) is inviting to a high stake poker game in Montenegro’s Casino Royale, to win it all back. Of course that’s not what Bond’s come to watch and do…so the games begin.

I think „Casino Royale“ is my favorite Bond ever (I need to confirm it by watching „Skyfall“ again, because „Quantum of Solace“ has no chance, but at least it is Top 2.). The action, the Poker, the Bondgirl. It’s just such a cool, elegant Bond. I am always so excited watching this film. One of my absolute favorite parts of this film is the dialog between James and Vesper. I think those two are just my favorite Bond couple ever and I wish it could have continued forever.

„I’m the money.“ „And every penny of it.“ – just the opening scene between Daniel Craig and the amazingly stunning Eva Green is so well written. You discover so much about both characters and I just could listen to it on repeat. I guess I just love what Craig gives to his Bond…and how they created Vesper Lynd. My favorite Bondgirl. (Even though there are some name contenders she can’t beat by far)

I will see if this is my Top Bond Film…but if not it’s number 2.

Thanks for Reading.

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