Spectre Challenge: „Diamonds are Forever“ (1971)

Bond is back! (Sorry, George.)

That moment when the intro came on…black and white, the blood running over him and not eliminating him…oh, boy. Pure excitement. I wish I could kiss Sean Connery for doing that.

The 7th Bond installment is about (hint…read the title first) DIAMONDS! When a pack of those shiny stones vanishes in South Africa, 007 is called and sent to Amsterdam where he should interfere the smuggling chain and find out who the recipient is. That we meet an old aquaintance shouldn’t be a surprise at this point.

I can add „Diamonds are Forever“ (Shirley Bassey singing the title song stuck in my head) to the Bond films I have seen before. And to be perfectly honest…I liked it better the second time. Don’t know if that’s because I missed Sean Connery for the last one…or I was more focused on the film or whatever, but I remember complaining last time that I didn’t like the whole Vegas thing. Not this time.

The film was exciting, funny and more of the action kind. (I mean there was only ONE Bondgirl. *gasp*) This time, I especially enjoyed the car chase on the strip (or what looked like it). Of course you cannot compare it to chase scenes now, but I enjoyed it because it was quite funny and well cut. How far filmmaking has come, and how creative they were back then.

The story was very fluent this time (Guy Hamilton – kisses to you) and the production design (by now undeniable) Ken Adam as always stunning.

I totally understand why this is another of the classic Bonds. I loved it.

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