Spectre Challenge: „Die Another Day“ (2002)

I do remember now why I was so against Daniel Craig taking over James Bond: Because „Die Another Day“ was the last Pierce Brosnan 007 film and I loved it. Madonna, Halle Berry, Rosamunde Pike and Diamonds. I can even ignore the silly slow motion sequences and that ridiculous surfing with kite thing. (Please. Why?)

007 is breaking into North Korea for some information which goes horribly wrong. After captivity he gets exchanged even though he himself and M are not amused. But Bond wouldn’t be Bond if he wouldn’t try to get this situation sorted. That a man with diamonds in his face and another one not actually looking like he once did are involved should not surprise you.

4 Bond films with Pierce Brosnan and one more action packed than the next. I wonder if back then they already knew that he would not continue or not…but let’s pretend it is 2002 and „Die Another Day“ was just released.

Boy, did I like this one. (I am repeating myself, I am aware.) The typical Bond: no fear, no emotion, not human. 14 months in captivity don’t do a Bond’s body harm. He runs and climbs and jumps and slides and does everything like before. I don’t care if that’s logical or not, I just enjoy watching him. Like when he gets the invisible car (just imagine) even though Desmond Llewelyn by now was replaced by John Cleese. Which is sad, because I loved Q…but of course I understand (RIP).

I also find it pretty cool that Madonna put on her acting shoes again. I feel like in 2002 (which by the way is 13 years ago, half my life!) that was a huge thing, since she hadn’t done any acting in a couple of years. Her part was small but even if she would have been horrible (and I am not saying that she was awesome) that Bond Song is just stuck in my head forever. So good.

One of my personal favourites Rosamunde Pike was more cold then welcoming. But we all have our mistakes. Still loved her, always will love her.

Now, with Miss Berry I have to admit that I am not fair. I do see Halle Berry in that character not Jinx, or Swift or however she’s called. And I am no Halle Berry fan because she seems to be a hand full. Well. Anyways. I like that we have a female agent again, someone who works with Bond and not only under him (and yes, I mean it that way). But she was a little…blah.

It was the same with those weird slow-mo moments. I didn’t get it. But worst of all was that ridiculous, unreal, enological, worst CGI thing ever surfing with kite scene. O-M-G! Really! I mean come on. No, no, no. Could have done without it…or a better it. Well, whatever. In the end I still enjoyed it. So I shouldn’t be complaining. And to be honest, back in 2002 I would not have seen it. ;)

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