Spectre Challenge: „For Your Eyes Only“ (1981)

There seemes to be a time noone was really able to miss: the 80s. Shiny clothes, big hair and music that made you cringe.

When the synthesizer Bond theme came on, my ears bled a little. Well, the whole film cannot lie being made in the 80s. Music, shots – at least we had no ridiculous clothing and hair.

In the 12th 007 installment Bond has to (again) save the British government after a secret vessel is sunk and because of that the threat of other countries finding and intercepting their communication and co-ordination system is imminent.

Of course, we wouldn’t talk about Bond, it intertwines with the story of a pretty woman. (And another „woman“/girl who seems to portray (again) what the Brits thought about America)

From the 80s opening theme to all the very (I think) 80s elements of the film I didn’t enjoy, the story itself and especially the action sequences were pretty cool. I liked the ski chase (eventhough there were some questionable moments in it)…and the under water sequences were great too. I know that Roger Moore won’t become one of my Top 3 Bonds, but he is entertaining and I buy him as Bond.

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