Spectre Challenge: „From Russia with Love“ (1963)

„From Russia with Love“ *sing*

It was just a minute ago, that James and Tatiana sailed away in their little boat. Venice in the back and those funny hand movements Mr. Connery was asked to do. I have seen the second 007 instalment before and I think I feel the same like I did the first time: Not my cup of tea!

How a year can change people. Same director and still FRWL has a more 60s, more cheap TV kind of vibe. Silly scene transitions, silly fight scenes (Even though I have to admit, that might just be me living in 2015. Violence back then was…funny to look at.)

Another thing which threw me off was the use of music. I am so used to the Bond theme being put in when there is something about to happen, like the last scene in Casino Royale, where he stands over Mr. White. In FRWL they seem to have only this well known theme…which they use all the time. Like when he walks into his hotel room or a car slowly drives away…I just wish I could have watched the film ’63 when it came out. The perception must have been so different.

I also did not remember Spectre being such a big part in the second Bond either. Watching those scenes, getting quite a sense of what Spectre is like. I am very curious how (or even if) they will incorporate those things in the 24th Bond…but I seem to be only at the beginning of things here.

Conclusion of it all: So far I liked „Dr. No“ (review here) better. It felt like they were trying too hard with „From Russia with Love“…but we’ll see how I feel about this one, after watching them all.

It could all be upside down by tomorrow. So come back and check it out.

Thanks for Reading.


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