Spectre Challenge: „GoldenEye“ (1995)

That song. I think it’s even catchier than „Goldfinger“. Tina Turners voice, written by U2. Hmm.

I made it! After 16 Films and 4 Bonds, I have made it into MY presence. At least, the presence that once was. „GoldenEye“ was the first Bond after 6 years made, and the first one in my lifetime. Holy crap and it is already 20 years old. It’s a special one, because Pierce Brosnan, for many years, was MY Bond. The 007 I grew up with. Back then I didn’t know about a Timothy Dalton, a George Lazenby and even the names Sean Connery and Roger Moore were two I knew had something to do with the Bond films…but not quite what. It’s as if I would say I am home, because in the 90s the Bond reruns on TV where those Bonds. I know all of them. I have seen them 100 times.

For the first time in 16 films I actually knew what was going on. Well, no not 100% (sadly I am not this person who remembers everything) but I remembered the scenes, the actors. It was funny…also because in the German version (we have translations) Bond does not have quite such a high voice. ^^

In the 17th 007 instalment Bond has to stop an old „friend“ who is set to destroy London with a Satellite built by the Russians: the GoldenEye. The star studded (Hagrid, Famke Janssen, Sean Bean and Alan Cumming) film represents the always bad relationship between Russia and…the rest of the world. At least film relationship…back in the 90s (still because of the USSR) Russia was bad.

I guess I am not quite fit to objectively review this film. It bears so many memories linked to my childhood, I make myself sound so old. I always loved those Bond films, I loved Pierce Brosnan as Bond (basically because I think, and I am most likely the only one here, that he is the same type as my dad…and for that he was and always will be my super hero) and when he went I was mighty sad. (And also the loudest one to detest Mr. Craig…which I had to, in my shame, admit I was SO wrong.) I like that „GoldenEye“ shows some cool Bond girls, one good but nerdy, the other bad…but very bad ^^ And I love that we get to know a little bit more about Bond.

This Bond is not only the debut of Brosnan but also of the fabulous, most delightful Judi Dench as M. I always adored her, even though I felt a huge respect for her even on the screen. She portrayed the authority of M perfectly and had so much more balls then her predecessor. At least that’s what I think.

I can tell you I will love the following Bonds (if not I would surprise myself) and am sooo looking forward to watching them. So, come back tomorrow and the days after to read about my excitement. It is real.

Thanks for Reading.




PS: By the way, Pierce Brosnan mentioned „Writings on the Wall“ in „GoldenEye“. Did he knew? Or is it something bigger in the Bond franchise. *dramaticrevelationmusic* ^^

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