Spectre Challenge: „Goldfinger“ (1964)

„Goldfinger“. That word is never just spoken in my head. I always hear Shirley Bassey sing it.

The third Bond is also one of the ones I have already seen. So far my statistic rests at a crushing 100% but that’ll change by tomorrow already. (But tomorrow’s tomorrow and today is today. – That feels kind of Bond-title-y)

007 is investigating international gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger who is planning his biggest quest yet – contaminate Fort Knox. Special this time, it’s the first Bond blockbuster and first film where personal revenge plays a role…which kind of reminds me a lot of the new Bond played by Daniel Craig.

I love „Goldfinger“. The film was directed by Guy Hamilton and lead the franchise back to it’s sophistication, which was missing in „From Russia with Love“ (at least for my taste). The film is not only beautifully shot but has also some interesting storylines in it…and there are gadgets, boy that must have been something back then. (I mean that tracker is smaller than the one Bond gets from Q in „Skyfall“ – OMG Emoji)

I love the production design by Ken Adam, who already did Dr. No and would go on to do many more Bonds. I especially love them, because in February this year, while I have been to Berlin (to sightsee and because the Berlinale took place) I saw an exhibition on him and his work. What a remarkable men. There are just some people on this planet who truly find what they are meant to be doing…and he is one of them.

Another, personal favourite of mine, is the name. If you have seen the film, you most likely know which one I am talking about: Pussy Galore (and now come on…tell me you didn’t smile the first time you heard that.) The name is…well, yeah…but I love her as a character. Finally a woman, who doesn’t immediately fall for Bond but pushes him back. Also, I love that she has a leader role. I mean yeah, her Flying Circus is very anti-feminist (it’s a 50/50 situation) but she is tough and strong and no damsel in distress.

„Goldfinger“ will always be one of the James Bond Classics…and that song, will be stuck in my head now forever.

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