Spectre Challenge: „Live and Let Die“ (1973)

Aaaand we reached the 70s. Oh boy, did we reach the 70s. I know it’s the second Bond but only now you can really feel it. Roger Moore’s debut was filled with heels and flared pants. Trends we seem to need back in 2015.

„Live and Let Die“ is my second Roger Moore Bond (I did see Octopussy before.) and it’s different (god, because of that Sheriff I wanna say boy all the time). A funny different, starting at the opening titles. I am honest I didn’t know the song but immediately got the Beatles vibe off it. With Paul & Linda McCartney singing it I wasn’t too far off.

This time Bond is investigating three British agents‘ deaths which leads him to Harlem (My New York memories were stirred the moment the film began – the shot of Manhattan brought up some sentimentality.) and then to a little island in the Caribbean where he finds out about some strange drug business happening.

Another one of the not so favourite films. Maybe I just have to get used to this new, so very different, Bond, but to be totally honest, there was also something about the storyline. It was…nice, but not exciting or something…just a little flat. And then with this „perfect“ Bond. I mean my Ken doll looked like a plastic version of Roger Moore. He was just too clean, crisp…just unbelievably flawless. I don’t know.

But hey, its the first one. I was much more surprised when I saw a famous name come up in the opening sequence: Jane Seymour. I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Quinn goes Bond!? (Well…went, to be fair^^) I was shocked…and then in awe when she came on screen for the first time. What a beautiful woman! I mean I think to this day she is exceptionally gorgeous…but back then. Amazing…even though I am not fond of her character, but hey. That’s just how it is…taste differs.

All in all I have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed. It was an entertaining film, but I am looking for a little bit more. Gripping and breathtaking, to be precise. But hey, I have seen worse….much much MUCH worse.

I’ll let the film live :)

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