Spectre Challenge: „Moonraker“ (1979)

After I spent the last couple of days in Stockholm, Sweden (unknown to you, because I was a good girl and pre-watched the films, wrote and scheduled the posts, so there would be one each day for you) I came back today. And to be perfectly honest…I did miss the daily Bond film. (I compensated by swooning, squeeling and showing excitement every time something Bond-like crossed by path…sorry friends^^) But of course I also wanted to enjoy getting to know a new city, having fun with my friends…and yeah, taking a little step back was maybe good too.

Still, I am back and did what any crazy person would do: Jump right into the next Bond „Moonraker“.

„Moonraker“ is one of those Bond titles you just know. I feel like it falls into the same category as „Goldfinger“ or „Diamonds are Forever“…it’s just one of those titles you know is a Bond film. So I was pretty curious, because I had heard the title so many times before, but had never seen the actual story.

For those of you, who don’t know, here a little summary: 007 is called to investigate the disappearance of a rocket called „Moonraker“ which was transported from the US to England and vanished, when the aircraft carrying it, crashed. The owner, a certain Mr. Drax (Don’t ask me how many times I understood drugs *shakesherhead*), rather quickly becomes a person of interest….aaaaand for the rest watch the film.

Again this one is category „I enjoyed it, but it won’t become one of my favourites“. Most likely because it turned out more and more strange towards the end, but let’s start at the beginning. (ATTENTION! There is a little spoiler in the next paragraph…no story is given away though!)

What an exciting beginning! The film begins in an aircraft, how fitting, and continues mid air…for Bond without a parachute. Holy, moly! I really loved that sequence. You know why? Because they ACTUALLY shot this free falling. Just…OMG! Honestly, I was wondering because it looked so real (back than the cuts to studio sequenced sometimes just hurt you eyes)…and it actually is. Well done!

But while I loved the free fall, and also found the transition to the Opening Titles well thought out, I did not enjoy the Titles themselves…or the song actually. „Moonraker“ sung by Shirley Bassey just didn’t stick and was more meh then anything else.

The storyline itself I found interesting but it sometimes felt disconnected, like scenes did not crossover smoothly but it felt quite one after the other. Do you know what I mean? Also, let’s just forget about continuity. I mean you could not watch this film and be keen on time (Did you ever think how fast those rockets went!?) or logic…sometimes. But hey, there are pretty women ^^ (And a rather old Roger Moore? Sorry, dude…still handsome ;)

I mentioned this in another post…the Boat Bond was back again. And yeah, I now know that Bond is a Navy Commander, but still. Too many boat chases (we got two in this film…okay, the Venice one was really, really awesome!)

Well, I still enjoyed it. To me these Bonds are so different. The humour, the action…I enjoy watching those old films. Especially when you can compare it to today and see how far we have come…but also think back how innovative they were. The last couple of years brought us space films like none other seen before…and it looks so realistic (or at least how I would picture it being in space)…back then they didn’t have the technology. And without being mean…I just had to laugh watching those actors pretend being in space. But hey, back then I wouldn’t have seen a difference because there wouldn’t have been anything to compare to. (Okay, yes we had Star Wars…and in the end „Moonraker“ very much reminded me of that, but it’s different)

As always, watch it yourself. I am very opinionated and maybe you see it totally different and hate the film or love it. We should never let anybody dictate how we feel about anything. So take the time, watch the film and see for yourself. If you like it or not, you will be a film (and a little piece of Bond history) richer.

Thanks for Reading.



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