Spectre Challenge: „Octopussy“ (1983)

The first half of the Spectre Challenge is done! Excuse me, but I have to take this moment and pat myself on the back. *patpat* It is not often that I actually finish what I start…and yes, I am only half way through, but sometimes that’s already an accomplishment. Baby steps, baby steps.

The 13th Bond Film, „Octopussy“, belongs into the „I have seen this one before“-category. (I actually lost my Roger Moore virginity with this one. How fitting, don’t you think?) Like the first time I liked it but also had some moral issues with it. But let’s start at the beginning.

So far, this is the first Bond theme where song title and film title don’t match, which doesn’t really matter anyways because the song (at least for me) didn’t do much. I like the opening sequence, like for „Dr. No“ the images were shown on naked women bodies, which suits this whole franchise so much.

The plot is an interesting one. Again there is an octopus involved, but this time it has nothing to do with Spectre (which confused me at the beginning). Bond investigates a general who is stealing jewellery from the Soviet government and lands in a plot to destroy the European peace.

I enjoyed „Octopussy“ mainly because of the plot development. There was much more action and less, weird kissing/wanting sex scenes with Bondgirls. (Sorry, my French) At least I wasn’t bothered as much as before with the whole „Bond gets every girl“ thing.

Especially the character Octopussy was an interesting one for me. I liked the approach of a woman who is not nice and perfect but has a secret illegal business, and made good money off it. Finally not a damsel in distress. What I did not like was the whole slave/harem situation. I mean I know, it’s Bond. You cannot expect a Bond film from the 80s be „female friendly“…and I am usually not much of a feminist, at least not in that sense. But I guess, watching 13 Bond films makes me have enough of that. I miss strong female character like we see today (or in other films even back then)…it’s just too much of women being accessories. Like I said, what am I expecting.

All together I think „Octopussy“ makes it on the LIKE list. But hey, check it out and see for yourself.

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