Spectre Challenge: „On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“ (1969)

I don’t know if it was because I already heard bad things or because I assumed an actor playing a franchise lead character only once was indication enough, but I won’t become a fan of George Lazenby.

Sorry, Mr. Lazenby, possibly not your fault, but it just didn’t quiet fit. In „On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“ James Bond is again (or is he?) on the hunt for Ernst Blofeld, Spectre’s Number 1. Getting his whereabouts from this film’s Bondgirl’s father, Bond is going to Switzerland.

Again? You might ask. Why the question? Well, to be perfectly honest I am not completely sure if it is a second time, because, after M, Q and Moneypenny do recognize James Bond (even though his exterior has changed), Blofeld doesn’t. Hmm? But didn’t they just meet in „You Only Live Twice“? I thought so too. Possibly the explosions in the crater did lead to memory loss? No, I think I found a better explanation: „Goldfinger“ and „Thunderball“ never happend! At least for this Bond, aka the George Lazenby-one. How I got that? Well, after Bond is trying to retire (after not getting his way) he goes into his office, opens a desk drawer and pulls out items from films 1, 2 and 4, all nicely supported by each film’s music. (So we have a knife and „Underneath the Mango tree“ (Dr. No), Red Grant’s watch and the „From Russia with Love“ instrumental version (From Russia with Love) and a 4-minute mini air supply and the „Thunderball“ instrumental theme (Thunderball).) Only that way Bond would have never met Blofeld.

Like I mentioned before it was also super weird to me that M, Q and Moneypenny were played by the same actors, Bond changed…and there was no reaction. I mean I know, what could they do…of course…and it’s quite similar with Judi Dench as M and Brosnan and Craig being Bond. I guess it’s because it is the completely same office and maybe also because it seems as if Lazenby tried to be Sean Connery and not Bond (or maybe it’s just because I am watching the films rather back to back).

Anyways. Another huge issue for me was the cheesiness…holy cow. I thought I might slip getting up afterwards, that’s how much this film dripped of love. Of course all women fall for Bond, that’s just how it is…but Bond actually falling for a woman…like that…and with the fact (This could be a Spoiler, but the film is close to 50 years old so it doesn’t really count. But you have been warned.) that he is marrying her *facepalm* That was just too much.

All together that Bond, beside some really cool action sequences, did not deliver in the plot department. It was just so romantic (especially the music, those glowy, love shots) oh man.

I am glad it was a one-time Bond, because for me Lazenby just wasn’t him. But hey, watch it and make your own opinion.

Thanks for Reading.


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