Spectre Challenge: „Quantum of Solace“ (2008)

It was actually better than I remembered. Possibly because the time I saw the film at the movies they had to restart it 3 times because images and sound wouldn’t line up. We got a voucher for the next visit though, so everything was fine.

Possibly not one of the finest hours of Bond history, I was surprised by „Quantum of Solace“ and the fact that it didn’t do much for me. Surprised because the line up was quite exciting with Marc Forster as director and Bregenz (Austria) as one of the shooting locations.

The 22nd 007 instalment is a fluid continuation of the previous film, „Casino Royale“. Bond, after having paid Mr. White a harmful visit is bringing him to M where hell breaks loose. 007 is sent after him and lands at Mr. Greene’s an environmental activist (on the outside) and with Bolivian general and wanna be presidents dealing bad guy.

While I was a little annoyed that they forgot Mr. Bond’s waistcoat (Watch the last scene in „Casino Royale“ – maybe the suit was even a different color.) I enjoyed the action soon after. The chase over the roofs, hell that must have been something to shoot. (It was a little quick sometimes…maybe my brain is too slow though.)

I guess the whole film is good, a good storyline and very now, with the whole environmental – water thing going on. But still…there was something missing. Maybe they tried too hard, I don’t know. Maybe it was also too new with the whole emotional ordeal Bond goes through. It was not really my kind of Bond, somehow. (Even though I enjoyed the Bondgirl name: Strawberry Fields.)

Definitely looking forward to „Skyfall“ now….nearly DONE, NEARLY DONE!! OMG!!

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