Spectre Challenge: „Skyfall“ (2012)

The film starts and you immediately know it’s something completely new. Compared to „Quantum of Solace“ it felt so much warmer and fuller, the set design, the production design , the cinematography.

 When they announced Sam Mendes as director for the 23rd Bond film you could easily expect awesomeness. The Brit is on a success streak with the Holmes films bashing box offices. Stakes were high, but to be honest I just knew this could and would be good.

This time Bond is confronted with his past. After loosing an important harddrive, hiding and coming back after MI6 is attacked, Bond has to stop Silver, a former British agent himself.

I don’t want to say too much since there might be people out there who have not seen the film yet. If you are…well, you missed something. And no, you cannot watch „Spectre“ without having seen „Skyfall“…don’t even try. But you are in for a treat, I promise.

„Skyfall“ is such a new Bond. Different on so many levels but such a good different. I have never admired the imagery of a 007 film before…not like this. I am no fan of the opening sequence itself but Adele’s voice makes it alright. After that I am lost in the amazing storytelling, the action and the revealing of Bond…layer, by layer. But not too much.

„Skyfall“ is up there…but „Casino Royale“ is my favorite. If Vesper would be in the 23rd one…it would be a perfect Bond. Anyways…more on my favorites in another post.

I cannot believe it, but I have made it. 23 films are done and reviewed. I am so excited for „Spectre“, which for you will come tomorrow, but since I am pre-writing this I have to wait another week. Well, 7 days will pass too…hopefully quickly.

Thanks for Reading.

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