Spectre Challenge: „The Living Daylights“ (1987)

It feels like just a minute ago, that I said Roger Moore was getting old (sorry, pal). And what happens? A new Bond rises! Timothy Dalton. I was a little scared that it would become another George Lazenby affair (another sorry) but because of the actor or the city they shot in, I enjoyed the 15th Bond instalment.

Another film, another area, a new Bond. Many things can change, one thing won’t – James Bond, 007 himself. Yes, there are slight changes to the character. Sometimes he is more humorous, other times not, but there is always Martini (shaken, not stirred), action and pretty women involved.

„The Living Daylights“ begins in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, where Bond is hired to help a KGB General to escape and come into the west. What he doesn’t know all is plotted and happens to help a bigger plan work, leading Bond from Vienna to Marocco and Afghanistan.

Maybe this is already a clue why I enjoyed this film. Vienna plays a huge part in it. First because some scenes really take place in Vienna and second, because Vienna was also used to „portray“ the Bratislava sequences (Since back then Bratislava was part of the UDSSR and therefore not very welcoming in case of western films). If you are from Vienna you will recognize it immediately (the Volkstheater, the Sofiensäle, the Prater – picture the Emoji with the heart eyes here). It is super fun to see the capital of Austria mid 80s.

I am also a sucker for recognising actors, which sometimes leads to me not liking a character because I have this actor as another character in mind. So it took me a moment to pin point John Rhys-Davies (Pushkin) down. I knew his face…but I guess his real height trough me off. Yep, he plays Gimli in the „Lord of the Rings“ trilogy. I was dying when I realised that.

Oh, and how could I forget the man himself: Timothy Dalton. How gorgeous can an actor be!? Those eyes…I was melting a little each time he looked….basically anywhere. Hach…what a gorgeous Bond he was. Possibly that’s the reason why it took me a little while to understand the plot a 100%. Which might be embarrassing but hey…he is gorgeous, I admit it. ;)

I liked it. Maybe it’s because of Vienna, maybe Mr. Dalton bewitched me. But hey, I am always a little different (referring to the not so smoking reviews back when the film came out). I’d watch it again. But first, off to the other 9 I am missing.

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