Spectre Challenge: „The Man with the Golden Gun“ (1974)

I am honest. After the last Bond, and the first with Roger Moore, I was a little scared. Would I dread watching them? Moore is just a little too perfect.

Well, I take it back: I loved „The Man with the Golden Gun“! Christopher Lee. A Bondgirl with the wonderful name Goodnight. Asia. Oh…and let’s name him Boat Bond…he seems to have a special need to do boat chases.

In the .. installment of 007 we meet Francisco Scaramanga, who is on the hunt for Bond, while the MI6 agent is after the Solar Agitator, a machine built to bundle energy from the sun.

You always wanted to know what Saruman did in the 70s? Well, watch the film. He lived on an island in Thailand and called himself Scaramanga…just picture that. ;)

No, but seriously. I really enjoyed the film. The action scenes were just super fun, I loved Christopher Lee and the whole story behind his character. Now I know I really love Guy Hamilton and will check out other films of his. And I am also looking forward to the up coming films with Roger Moore as Bond…with all the 70s possible. The pants, the hair, the make up. I just really wish I would have lived back then and seen the film when it originally came out. How different it must have been to see this film back then.

Well, whenever anyone invents time travel I know possible destinations to go to.

Thanks for Reading.


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