Spectre Challenge: „The Spy Who Loved Me“ (1977)

I always love that when you watch an action or spy film it kind of shows you a trend: The villain trend. Whenever the US or England had a dispute with another country, you could see that in films. There is always a phase…like when all the villains where played by Blacks, or Asians or Russians (and in the 80s it was the Germans). 

„The Spy who Loved Me“ is the story about Karl Stromberg, a – how to put it nicely – lunatic who wants to wipe out cities to change humanity and create a new civilisation under sea. For this one Bond doesn’t act alone. Since a Russian and English submarines mysteriously vanished, the two secret agencies come together to solve the crime. This is when Bond meets his Russian pendant XXX, the beautiful Anya Amasova. That there is a whole back thing going on is obvious.

First of, let me tell you…I might become a fan of Roger Moore here, even though I don’t know if it’s him or „just“ the stories of the Bond films. I really enjoyed this one. Especially because a woman had a, close to, leading lady function and finally we had a Bondgirl on the same level as Bond himself. (Except for the fighting part. She was more the brains of the whole operation – on her side – not that Bond would have listend to a woman.) The back and forth spiel between those two was fun to watch and really exciting.

Also, and I repeat myself, you just have to love Ken Adam, the back-again production designer. Stromberg’s underwater apartment/city, I don’t know how I should call it, was just so out there. (Actually back then it must have been…I can’t even think of a fitting word.) So cool! I love, and by now seem to recognise, his designs and am absolutely in awe. I mean to have the creativity and the ideas is just so cool, and gives these Bond villains just such a richness (not in the money sense, but more character wise).

I really enjoyed watching this film. Bond #10 was a success for me.

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