Spectre Challenge: „The World Is Not Enough“ (1999)

And then I found it, the one Bond film that was shown on TV during the 90s and 00s so much that I might have tuned in and out about 500 times: „The World is Not Enough“. But however many times I have watched this Broccoli Production, I still love it.

After a rich man and friend of Ms is killed at MI6, Bond is set to uncover who is responsible. That it all has something to do with a gorgeous woman and the oil business only slowly gets uncovered.

„The World is Not Enough“ is a special Bond, at least to me. It shows the ever occurring theme of nuclear weapons (of course, anything less could be investigated by the police) but this time with a Bad Girl in the lead. Stockholm Syndrom or not, I like a woman being the creator of conflict here. Especially because it is packed into a rather good back story.

A huge part of my memory about this film is M’s role in it. Her sitting in this little cell awaiting her death always shattered me. Like I said before, M always was someone I respected (even though she was just a fictional character). And seeing her beating because of her emotions, her motherly feelings was just always a little bit heartbroken. (It has something comforting that you know she is in the next film, takes the extra edge off.)

Bond is advancing. Maybe not the character who is described as old school in the film, which is totally true, but the whole franchise. It’s most likely just because I feel more at home with the new films (I know the technology, the cars, it’s not as far away as the older films.) But all in all to me they are more believable. (But like I said before I wish I could have seen the old ones at the time they were released.)

What I have discovered is that I love Bond even more than I thought. And I am sure going to check out the Ian Fleming Books (I have read „Casino Royale“ before.). I know that the books and the films are more like two different pairs of shoes inspired by each other. Still…the character is in those books and I want more. Until then I have got 5 more films….YES!

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