Spectre Challenge: „Thunderball“ (1965)

This navy Bond is flawed and most definitely won’t make it into my top ones.

Terence Young (director) is back and with him Spectre. I don’t know if it was reading his name in the opening titles, but I had a feeling about „Thunderball“ after I did. And I felt right. Next to „From Russia with Love“ I didn’t like it.

The plot, to me, is very hard to describe. I mean I feel like I know what was going on…but at the same time I feel like I need to ask a million questions. (Which is why I googled it.)

In the fourth 007 installment, James has to go find two atomic bombs stolen by Spectre, who hold the world ransom for 100 Million Pounds worth in diamand to not bomb a major city in England or the US.

Well first of…I guess I just have my issues with Mr. Youngs directing, or the Editor or whoever is to call for this very strange film. Very strange is maybe a bit harsh, but it just never really starts (at least that’s how it felt to me). Scenes seem to just follow another and don’t seem to connect to each other. I mean, maybe I did have some language issues (but I always watch films in English, so it shouldn’t be a problem) but I didn’t get it at first. The storyline was so random and I didn’t get why James was doing what he was doing. It took some time for me to get into the film, and that even though this time I had my phone turned off and there were no distractions.

Even though I had a hard time with this one I have to say the underwater scenes were stunning. Especially the big fight scene. You have to see that. To choreograph this and shoot and edit it in this way must have been soo much work. It really paid of, it’s awesome (maybe the reason why the rest of the movie suffered?)

I also still have to get used to the on location-to in studio cuts. But hey, that’s just how they did it. Worse I thought were those fast forward sequences, when they wanted to make something look faster. I know, that’s just how they did it back then…it’s just funny to me…and I did laugh when I saw that fat boat scene at the end. (They would have hit does rocks a dozend times, by the end.)

Summed up, I can say „Thunderball“ had a lot of action, no Martinis and a couple of women (even with strong characters – at least one.) It won’t become a favorite, but I also watched it for the first time (statistic is crumbling) maybe it gets better with time?

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