Spectre Challenge: „Tomorrow Never Dies“ (1997)

It literally is so crazy to watch these films. I am honest. I most times don’t know what comes next, but when it happens I always remember: the overhaul boat, the legendary image of Bond and chinese Agent Wai Lin on the motorcycle. Sigh, I love myself for doing this challenge.

The 18th 007 adventure shows the danger of media and internet with Bond having to stop a media mogul trying to make his own news by starting a war between China and the British Empire. What a set up. Jet highjacking, basejumping and diving sequences included (did not remember that we actually do have some underwater action going on)

Nothing new, but I love Pierce Brosnan as Bond and those films are just up my street, most likely because these are the first Bond films I have seen. Familiar faces (Jonathan Pryce will always be Elizabeth Swann’s father to me.) and characters (again we have a huge German closet hanging around and making Bond’s life harder than it should be).

After watching so many Bonds it’s also to no surprise that I start to compare them and I find similarities. Sometimes I even ask myself if they copied scene ideas from old Bond films (like the satellite under water in „GoldenEye“ and „You Only Live Twice“). I also love the more advanced gadgets Q supplies. (I am no BMW girl, but controlling a car by phone.  In 1997 that was so cool…now we might be close.) I also enjoy the fact that the Bondgirls become more of accomplices than just nice accessoires. (Yeah, there is still just some…bed candy, but hey we get a good fighting bad ass agent in this one, so I am not complaining.)

Only 5 sleeps (yep, I am seeing „Spectre“ on the 5th) and I can’t wait. Since the new one is out in  the UK already I have to be so careful to not stumble upon any spoilers…so I am focusing on the old ones…films I mean. Soon I have seen them all…I feel accomplished. So, I am going to hop in front of the TV right now and watch another one.

Thanks for Reading.

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