Spectre Challenge: You Only Live Twice (1967)

After exploring the deep sea, we now find ourselves in the far far east of Japan where Bond is called to find a mysterious flying object that kidnaps Russian and American rockets from outer space.

„You Only Live Twice“ by Nancy Sinatra is another one of those songs, which you hear one time and can’t stop playing over and over in your head. It’s the perfect set up for Bond’s up and down journey through the film.

First dead then married (yep, I said it)…the film has a rather fast pace. A lot of things are happening and sometimes it feels like scenes are just there to follow the next, while other times the story really starts rolling.

That bit where James „becomes Japanese“ just felt super ridiculous, but hey, what can you do, while the whole missile under lake sequences were amazing. Again Ken Adam made the set look spectacular and with a tiny little (what looked like a) roller coaster, he completely sold me.

This Bond is also the one we meet Spectre’s number one: Ernst Blofeld…and his german security Ernst (which seems to be the English/American Version of German names…no, I am not just saying that…watch films with german villains (or just characters) James Bond, Die Hard and even last weeks episode of „Homeland“). I never knew that Spectre played such a big role in all the old Bond movies, but growing up with Pierce Brosnan as my first 007, I don’t remember hearing this name ever again. But hey, good for me that I watch all these old ones now. I am already scared that I will be disappointed with the 24th Bond. (Should have thought of that before.)

Anyways. It won’t be my favourite Bond, but it had some really cool elements in it…and it was fun to see Japan in the 60s.

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