The James Bond Spectre Challenge

Welcome to the first post of my „Spectre Challenge“…Countdown….Celebration. I don’t really know how to call it. It’s a Challenge, but only for myself (I hope reading, won’t be too much of one.), a Countdown and a Celebration, at least for a Bond freak like me.

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So, 24 days until the new James Bond is 007ing the world again. OMG I am sooo excited! And to celebrate this wonderful event (The premier is on October 26th in Leicester Square, London. The theatrical release on November 6th.) I challenged myself to watch them ALL! Yes, because, shame on me, I haven’t yet.

24 films (I am including the new Spectre.).

24 days.

24 Reviews.

Yes, I will watch them all and put up a review of each EVERY DAY! (Challenge Accepted! I wrote that in Barney’s voice.)

So come back tomorrow…and everyday after.

Oh, and when you wanna keep updated follow me on my Social Media. (Look to the bar on the right.)

Thanks for Reading and until next time aka tomorrow :)


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