Why I am „The Holiday“

Well, I skipped a blogpost there. But I just had nothing to say…so why take your time away? And mine. I didn’t watch anything apart from „Jessica Jones“ where I only watch an episode once in a while…but I am…yeah. Busy.So, two nights ago I came home from work and was in the mood for a movie. (Yep, I am living the high life working on a Sunday.) Since Christmas is coming and Advent has started I was in the mood for something festive…so, I chose „The Holiday“ my all-time favorite and go to Christmas movie.

The home exchange story with Kate Winslet (Iris), Cameron Diaz (Amanda), Jude Law (Graham) and Jack Black (Miles) about love, circumstance and coincidence just something cute and fun…and as romantic as it is I wish every desperate person who is looking for love something similar. Hach…Jude Law ❤️ Nope, focus Claudia, focus.

What was really funny last night, watching it for the 100th time, was the fact that this movie seems to be me in a movie. Pretty big statement here…and honestly I am curious if anyone, who knows me, would say the same thing. But let me explain.

I am a movie geek, which is basically the plot of the whole American side of the story. We have a movie trailer maker (I love this^^), a film composer and a former screenwriter. We also have the elderly screenwriter telling Iris to watch movies with strong women so she would become the leading lady in her life. (I can already see two similarities.)

Eli Wallach in „The Holiday“

Second, I want to be a writer…or maybe I could already say: I am a writer…? Which Eli Wallach (I once met him and he is the best…with stories about him and Clint Eastwood, we were crying with laughter.)’s character is. He is a screenwriter, even an Oscar Winner (Dream right there!) and yeah…^^
And lastly (and I don’t know if too many people are aware of this…I feel like people don’t know me at all, but that most likely means I am super readable and everybody knows everything about me.) I love filmmusic. Like LOVE!! My iPod is full with scores and trailer music…I have maybe 1/10 of songs with actual lyrics…and that only because I bought the Adele album by accident (which is a happy one, because I love „25“ but still). My favorite artists are Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard, Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine. I just love this moment when you are waiting for the light to hit green and the next moment an epic, monumental song comes on and you feel like you are going to battle. I won’t even object to doing funny movements during such moments, but that’s something for another time. Why did I talk about this? Because Miles is a filmcomposer…so there you have it. And if that’s not enough…From the moment I first saw Amanda’s DVD collection I wanted that…so one day I will have a wall covered in DVDs and I want an actual screen…like a home movie theatre. Yeah, I am so girly.

So, if you feel like something romantic and cute…have a little meet cute with „The Holiday“.

Thanks for Reading.

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