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Sometimes life is crazy. You do something and as if it wanted to tell you you made the right decision it pushes you towards it. I believe in destiny otherwise I couldn’t explain what happened last week.

The topic of Women in Film (WIF) followed me around for a short amount of time, when I stumbled upon the Time Magazine article and decided to write a post about it. (Read it here) I published it on Tuesday and the same day I got an email about a programme for female producers which offered events open to the public. While usually not even thinking about it (I work most nights of the week, so such events are never possible for me to attend.) I looked it through and lucky enough they had two things scheduled on monday. I signed up right away.


The Keynote in the morning was interesting. Helene Granqvist, a Swedish producer who showed a film at the Toronto Film Festival this year, talked about the fact that a lot of time we have to actually see what we all mean by gender, by quality. She talked about the changes the Swedish Film Institute made to support females in film and that now, there are even too many women producers.

The discussion in the evening was more focussed on the lack of the young talents and the lack of support in Austria. Which, when you live here, is no news. There wasn’t really a conclusion but the understanding that we, as women, have to talk and share more, that we need to support each other even more and network. As always communication is lacking (and isn’t that the problem about 90% of the time?)_MG_3011

I wish I was eligible to attend the Workshops because it sounds like a really cool program…or just the events open to the public. But I have to work :( Well, if you are a woman in Austria wanting to make more out of your filmcareer I can only recommend the programm. Of course I only attended one day and only two events, but I think it’s about educating yourself even more, finding people with similar goals, dreams and visions. Such possibilities in Austria are rare, so if they are here you need to grab them.

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FC Gloria (german)

Austrian Film Institute (english/german)

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