Writing’s on the Wall by Sam Smith

The new Spectre Title song had a rather quiet outing, at least it felt like that after „Skyfall“ (by Adele) was such a big deal. Of course Adele is Adele and Sam Smith, known, but he is Sam Smith. So, I was a little late to finding out that the song was already published on the 25th of September. 

I bought it off iTunes, with only watching the teaser of the (then up coming) music video, and listened to it not having heard much of it before.

It wasn’t what I expected and while everytime I listen, I like it more and more, I am still not quite sure about it being a Bond theme song.

Obviously „Skyfall“ was such an unforgettable song, and of course I know the classics like Goldfinger and stuff. But I haven’t seen all Bond films (shame on me) and so if there were songs like it, I couldn’t compare it.

I expected a stronger, not so romantic tone. But then again there is something 007ish about it (definitely using the key-Bond-theme-notes helped). Listening to it I try to picture the opening titles…and I actually can. I also feel that it fits with the direction they go in, with this Bond (softer, more human, emotional). I am definitely curious how the song (and especially the lyrics) tie into the plot of „Spectre“. We’ll see.

And if you haven’t heard (and/or seen) is yet. Watch the video…Spectre moments included. :)

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